Cable Cars & Lifts

For easy access to Megève's summer playground

Take the scenic route up the mountain - and back down again if you please! The resort's three main cable car stations at Rochebrune, Mont d'Arbois and Jaillet open for a limited time in the summer to transport people, prams and bikes up to the top. Don't feel like doing too much? Then there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in one of the idyllic mountain restaurants.

Two particular favourites are The Auberge de Christomet on Jaillet and the Radaz at Cote 2000. Both offer delicious traditional Savoie fare - and amazing mountain views. It's like being in heaven. The Auberge also has a cold water pool (not for the faint-hearted!). Both are well placed for a brisk walk back down before dinner!

Lift opening times and prices:

Open 4 July -30 August
Single adult - 6.60 euros. Return - 9 euros. Full day 15.00 euros 
Children (aged 5-14 years old) - 5.60 euros Return - 6.70 euros. Fully day 12.50 euros 

Pres chairlift
Open 4 July - 30 August
Single adult - 6.50 euros. Full day 15.00 euros 
Children - 5.50 euros. Full Day 12.50 euros 

Open 13/14 June and from 20 June - 30 August
Single adult - 6.80 euros. Return -12.50 euros
Children - 5.70 euros. Return - 10.20 euros

Open 4 July-23 August
Adult single -  5.10 euros 
Child Single -  5.10 euros 

Mont D'arbois
Open 27 June-30 August
Single Adult - 6.80 euros. Return - 12.50 euros
Children - 5.70 euros. Return - 10.60 euros

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